Aude Osnowycz


The work of the French photojournalist Aude Osnowycz mixes the political and social questions of great history, with more intimate and personal questions linked to his own identity and family history. 
Her latest series "Kinshasa Performers" marks a turning point in her work and stands out from other series on this subject by its plastic power. 

Born in 1979, France
Lives in Saint-Brieuc, France


A graduate in political science and geopolitics of armed conflict, Aude Osnowycz wrote a thesis on "American Soft Power" in the "color revolutions", notably in Georgia and Ukraine. She worked in various professions before turning to photography and photojournalism in 2011.

Based in Tunisia, she covered the Arab revolutions in the Maghreb and the Middle East for 4 years, documenting the impact of the Arab Spring on minorities and women.

She is particularly interested in the impact of major international upheavals on the daily lives of civilian populations, particularly attentive to the living conditions and aspirations of youth, women and minorities.

The description of post conflict situations allows her to keep a distance and an objectivity regarding the news and to bear witness to the "after" often little covered by the media; Osnowycz questions man's humanity and inhumanity, his heroism and his madness.

In 2015, she decided to return to Europe and work on a more documentary and artistic approach with long-term projects. She started a work around Russia's western borders, questioning the Slavic identity and her family past. Her approach results in a great proximity with the population. She tries to retrace slices of life through her photos by immersing herself in the daily life of populations.

Through her various reportages, she has visited Africa many times and has been particularly touched by the artistic dynamics and the special atmosphere of Kinshasa. At the same time, her photographic evolution led her to rethink her work by turning to more artistic forms, such as the technique of portraiture.
In her series "Kinshasa Performers", she chose neutral backgrounds in order to highlight the faces and the looks. It allows a more frontal, stronger approach to the subjects: this series testifies, through his great plastic power, of the social and political chaos that reigns in Kinshasa, and the bubbling contemporary scene created from nothing, that screams its anger and dreams of recognition.

She has been published regularly in French and foreign magazines, such as Stern, Le Monde, The New York Times, The Guardian, Newsweek, Marie Claire, GEO, L'Obs.




Institut français d'Utrecht - 2021
Jaou Photo
- Curated by Kader Attia, Tunis - 2021
Institut français de Kinshasa - 2020
Festival « Les femmes s'exposent »
- Houlgate - 2019
Festival « Les Photographiques » - Le Mans - 2019
Festival « Phémina » - Nemours - 2017 - 2018 - 2019
Festival « Rendez-Vous Image » - Strasbourg - 2018



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2021          Shorlisted Prix Mentor, Session #6, Nantes, France

2019          Shortlisted PX3, Paris, France    

                    Gold medal, Moscow international photo award, Moscow, Russia

2018          Shortlisted Prix Roger Pic, France