Studio Photo Nationale

Samuel Fosso
Sébastien Girard & Maison européenne de la photographie, November 2021


Spiral bound
Risograph printed book housed in a silkscreened slipcase
Assembled by hand
Dimensions: 24 x 33 cm / 9,44 x 13 in.
Pages: 76 folded pages (japanese style)
- Standard edition of 400 copies. Signed copies available in the MEP's bookstore and ONLINE: 120 € incl. VAT.
- Special edition of 100 copies signed and numbered with a silver gelatin print AVAILABLE HERE: 450 € incl. VAT.


Editorial concept, design and printing by Sébastien Girard



After Samuel Fosso's studio and home were attacked in 2014 by looters in the war-torn Central African Republic, the photo-journalist Jérôme Delay and two of his friends rescued Samuel Fosso's negatives from destruction and sent them back to him in Paris.
During seven years, three steel trunk boxes containing more than 50.000 negatives remained closed till the spring 2021. Thanks to Sébastien Girard and the Maison européenne de la photographie, we are pleased to reveal through this book, the first pieces of this photographic treasure. 


Image : © MEP - Tadzio